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Message from Head's Desk
"SAHARAYN FORUM is a big team. In Human Society, it has been observed that there are some small minded people who are very emotionally confined, and it takes time to really understand and recognise them.
So, I must request you all that please don't hesitate to send any complaint even if it is against any member of this team. After all every person in the organisation is answerable and accountable even me"
Ms. Samreen Zaidi
Head Saharayn Forum
 Core Commitment
No Discrimination
We believe in giving justice, fair treatment to all Kartavyayogi Karyakartas irrespective of cadre, designation, gender, caste, age, creed etc.
We would be honest in all our action, reactions, decisions and conclusion. As rightly said by Honb'le Saharasri Ji "Rights are given to perform duties and not for meeting false egos, whims, fancies and greeds"
Justice Consciousness
We would strive to ensure justice to all in our commitment to strengthen the core work spheres and address the legitimate rights and needs of anybody and everybody.
Human Management
To accord top priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for the peaceful, prosperous and progressive co-existence of all our Kartavyayogi Karyakartas as always emphasised by our Hon'ble Guardian.
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